English Language Tuition for Adults



During Your Holidays: Horse Riding and English Tuition
• Language Lessons for young people of 12 years of age and for Adults
• English Tuition in the Morning - Horse Riding in the Afternoon and Evening

Very secure for young people:
Irish Family Holidays with the McElhill family in Ardmourne House: Joe and Helena will look after you - round the clock.

Joe will make sure that you feed and groom your horse every morning.

After an Irish Breakfast we start the English Lessons in our classroom, where qualified teachers will teach English for about four hours.

You won't be on your own - the groups will be very small.
We make sure that students - according to their standard of knowledge - will get exactly the type of tuition they need.

After all the work the fun finally begins: Your horse waits for you.

Our horses are friendly, reliable and very well trained. We don't rent them by the hour, they live with their mates on our farm, enjoy the green grass and we only accept bookings on a weekly basis which means that all our visitors live together with their horse for a whole week at least.

We limit our trails to small groups and you will see the most exciting Irish scenery - rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and valleys.

You will have enough time in the evening to look after your four-legged friend and to spoil him a bit.
The Horse is yours for your entire stay with us.

Dinner is served between 7 and 8 pm.

This programme suits also to adults.

The Package include:
Accommodation & Full Irish Breakfast & Evening Dinner & English Language & Horse Riding Programme

For teenagers travelling without parents, transfers are organised to and from the airport.
Our rep will meet them at Arrivals for the journey to Ardmourne House and on day of departure we bring them to the Check in Desk and make sure they are safely through to begin their journey back home.

Englisch English Language Tuition for Adults in Ireland
English Language School in Ireland
Ecole de Langue Anglaise en Irlande
Escuela de Idioma Ingles en Irlanda
Scuola di Lingua Inglese in Irlanda
Sprachschule in Irland · Sprachreisen Irland

James Joice

Oskar Wilde

William Butler Yeats

• English Language Tuition for Adults in Ireland
• Ireland the Country of Literature
• Irelands unique heritage of culture and literature
• Choose Ireland to learn English Language

Irelands Literature
What other country the size of Ireland can claim four winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature? Ireland has a long and rich tradition of great writing. Though W.B.Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney are our Nobel laureates, Ireland has even more world-famous literary names in James Joyce, Flann O'Brien, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift ...more Irish Writers


Irish Writers:
William Allingham (Irland)
Francis Bacon (Irland)
Samuel Beckett (Irland)
Brendan Behan (Irland)
Edmund Burke (Irland)
Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen (Irland)
Joseph Campbell (Irland)
Austin Clarke (Irland)
William Congreve (Irland)
William Henry Drummond (Irland)
Lawrence Durrell (Irland)
Maria Edgeworth (Irland)
Samuel Ferguson (Irland)
Oliver Goldsmith (Irland)
Douglas Hyde (Irland)
William Denis Johnston (Irland)
James Joyce (Irland)
Patrick Kavanagh (Irland)
Colum McCann (Irland)
Frank McCourt (Irland)
Edward Martyn (Irland)
Charles Robert Maturin (Irland)
Iris Murdoch (Irland)
Edna O'Brien (Irland)
Flann O'Brien (Irland)
Sean O'Casey (Irland)
John O'Keefe (Irland)
Frank O'Connor (Irland)
Nuala O´Faolain (Irland)
Liam O'Flaherty (Irland)
George William Russell (Irland)
George Bernard Shaw (Irland)
Richard Brinsley Sheridan (Irland)
Richard Steele (Irland)
James Stephens (Irland)
Bram Stoker (Irland)
Jonathan Swift (Irland)
John Millington Synge (Irland)
Katherine Tynan (Irland)
Rebecca West alias Cecily Isabel Andrews (Irland)
Oscar Wilde (Irland)
William Butler Yeats (Irland)